Corkcicle | Keeping It Cool

Corkcicle | Keeping It Cool

 Corkcicle | Keeping It Cool In The Tetons

The simple joys of Grand Teton National Park’s lakes and a Wyoming summer.

Highly anticipated sun-soaked days of summer have finally arrived and there are few more treasured seasons here in Jackson Hole. The Park’s lakes shimmer below the rugged Tetons. The Snake River’s waters run cool in constant invitation to join in its journey through the lush Wyoming landscape made green with this year’s snowmelt. There is hardly a more idyllic time to relax, slow down and enjoy the all-encompassing bliss of alpine summertime.

Cozy campfires ready for family and friends.

Whether on a lazy float down river or gathered round the campfire with friends as the sun sinks behind the Cathedral’s peaks there is no wrong way to drink up this magnificent season. We think adding a Corkcicle Canteen to the mix however is a sure way to upgrade the experience… and there isn’t a better libation to try out our theory than with the perfect margarita.

 Organic cucumbers fresh from the Slow Food in the Tetons’ Farm Stand. 

If given a choice, however, we would gladly toast to the Tetons, and our constant blend of cool and hot climate, with Bon Appetit’s refreshing twist on a deeply classic cocktail: The Spicy Cucumber Margarita. The taste of crisp, fresh cucumber balanced by a sassy kick of jalapeño will leave you looking forward to each sip and next glass.

And fresh margaritas - the taste of summer itself.

Create a custom level of spiciness by crafting your own jalapeño infusion. If a milder blend is preferred allow the mix to infuse for a half hour. For a more assertive kick, let the pepper soak for a few additional hours.

A bouquet of beautiful colors are available to chose from.

In a perfect world no matter the excursion, we would gladly leave behind the days of unintentionally warm cocktails and fishing dripping cans from a cooler… Lucky for us all Corkcicle’s ingenious canteens keep libations cool for over twenty hours letting us upgrade our outdoor drinking game even more. So, salt those glasses, and enjoy taking your summer celebration where glass just can’t go.

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Available in up to a 60 ounce size, even our pre-prepared batch of spicy cucumber margaritas will stay cold for over twenty-four hours. No fireside mixology mess or glass to break on a riverbank making summer evenings a celebration to remember for all the right reasons.

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