Summer Berry Brunch

Summer Berry Brunch

Summer Berry Brunch

  Summer Berry Brunch


As with summer, the farmer’s market in Jackson Hole is a short but sweet invitation to partake in the local growing season. Ripe red tomatoes, dark, earthbound greens and our absolute favorite - berries. Eaten individually, each cell bursts with freshness and sunlight. When featured in recipes, the results can be divine. Our suggestion? Head to your local market, grab every pint of berries you can find and host a brunch that celebrates the season.

For the first course, grab a handful of huckleberries or blackberries and smear them into a fresh bowl of cream cheese. The sweet & tart combination pairs beautifully atop smoked salmon, hearty bagels or best of all, sandwiched between a hot-off-the-griddle crepe.


For those with a sweet tooth, look for plump and hearty strawberries. When baked into quick breads or pastries, berries take on a different texture. They swirl and meld into the batter, mixing with butter and flour for a crisp edge and delicate interior. Our favorite feature is the strawberry skillet cake highlighting the strawberries' sweetness with the addition of balsamic.


For a savory spin, try a pint of blueberries in a blue cheese salad. Grab a head of fresh spinach or other hearty green. Rinse, spin and dry. Place in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil and squeeze one-quarter of a lemon on top. Work the leaves with your hands to soften them but not too much - just until tender. Top with ground pepper, crumbled blue cheese, walnuts or pepitas (or both) and a smattering of blueberries, ratios dependent on taste. The crunch of the nuts, pop of the berries and creaminess of the blue cheese makes for a beautiful combination of texture and flavor. Delicious and simple enough you may surprise yourself by serving this for dinner.


Thank you to our friends at Le Creuset for inspiring us with their bright and reliable cookware.

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